Ondrejov Stellar Department Summer School


Astronomical Institute in Ondřejov is going to organize a summer school for physics and astronomy students focusing on observing techniques and data reduction methods.

Our summer school aims at undergraduate and early stage graduate students who wish to gain experience and knowledge about traditional observing techniques, spectroscopy and photometry and about data reduction process in IRAF and Python.
The school will be divided into a block of a few introductory lectures about observing techniques, some science highligths, science at the stellar departement and crash courses to IRAF and Python.
Apart from lectures, students will be working on small projects to reduce and analyze data on binary stars, massive stars, exoplanets and clusters of stars obtained with various telescopes including Ondřejov 2m.
These projects will be a core workload of the summer school led by experienced tutors and finally the output will be presented during the last day in a mini stduent conference. Furthemore, one short session will be dedicated to proposal and paper writing.

The number of participants is limited to 12.

Contact: summer2016@asu.cas.cz

A. Hervé, ASU (Stellar department)
P. Kabáth;, ASU (Stellar department)
T. Klocova, ASU (Stellar department)
G. Maravelias, ASU (Stellar department)