Ondrejov Stellar Department Summer School

The meeting will takes place in the Stellar Department building in Ondrejov. The registration will be open there from 15:00 on 11 September 2016.
A map can be found here:HOW TO REACH US

From Brno:

From Brno, the best way is to take a train to Praha. Connections can be found here: TIMETABLES

From Praha Vaclav havel Airport:

From the airport there is a direct shuttle bus to main railway station which leaves every 30 minutes. From Main Railway Station, please follow the directions below.

From Praha Main Railway Station:

There are two options. Either, you take another train S9 to Strancice and then the bus 490. From Ondrejov bus station, you have a 20 min walks (get off on 2nd stop in Ondrejov called Ondrejov namesti)

Alternatively, you can take a metro from central railway station to Haje then the bus 383 to Ondrejov. Again, from the Ondrejov bus stop, you have a 20 min walk to reach the stellar department.

Local bus and train connections can be found here:TIMETABLES LOCAL

The correct ticket to get from Prague/Prague airport is for 54 CZK. You can use the same ticket for all means of transport (metro, train S-lines, buses) and it is valid for 3 hrs. Do not forget to validate the ticket once you enter the bus/tram or before you enter metro/train at the train platform or at the entrance to metro.