Ondřejov Stellar Department Summer School

Scientific Program

Almost all lectures are now online, please click on the corresponding title for a download.


10h00-10h30: Welcome

10h30-11h00: Presentation of the Astronomical Institute

11h00-12h00: ESO and ESA facilities (P. Kabáth)

12h00-13h30: Lunch

13h30-14h30: Proposals (How to have access to observation time)

14h30-18h00: Python and IRAF (G. Maravelias)

18h00-19h00: Participant and project presentations


09h00-10h00: Photometry (P. Kabath)

10h00-11h00: Spectroscopy (M. Kraus)

11h00-11h45: Binary and multiple systems among asteroids (Petr Pravec)

12h00-13h30: Lunch

14h30-19h00: Projects


09h00-09h45: Evolution of massive stars (M. Kraus)

09h45-10h45: Science at the stellar Department

- Ingredients of stellar theoretical atmosphere models, Jiri Kubat
- Determination of stellar parameters using theoretical atmosphere models, Brankica Kubátová
- Formation and evolution of circumstellar environments of massive stars in transition phases, Michaela Kraus
- Dorottya Szecsi

10h45-12h00: Projects

12h00-13h30: Lunch

13h30-19h00: Projects


09h00-09h45: Exoplanets in the aera of modern instrumentation (P. Kabáth)

09h45-10h30: Effects of general relativity in accretion flows: motion of matter, magnetic fields, and the emergent radiation in strong gravity (V. Karas)

10h30-12h00: General discussion (Careers in Astronomy, etc)

12h00-13h30: Lunch

13h30-19h00: Projects


09h00-09h45: On HII regions and HI shells: star formation in galaxies (S. Ehlerova)

09h45-10h30: Hot topics of current solar research (not only) in Ondřejov (M. Švanda)

10h30-12h00: Projects

12h00-13h30: Lunch

13h30-19h00: Projects


09h00-12h00: Presentation of the project results

12h00-open end: Social event at Berchtold castle.


1/ Properties of a stellar clusters.

2/ Hα variability of Be/Xray binaries

3/ Properties of exoplanets

4/ Hunting for galaxies with the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey